Services for the Individual

One on One Coaching

SDG serves individuals in Culpeper, Fauquier, Rappahannock, Orange and Madison counties in many ways. a few of those include FREE peer coaching, client advocacy with the courts and probation and client scholarship support for rehab and financial crisis.

Services for the Community


Our community services include a weekly jail peer meeting, regular meeting at local Rehabilitation center, community awareness events, member of CRUSH Treatment Committee, and presentations to groups and organizations throughout the community.


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YARN or the Young Adult Recovery Network is a peer led group targeted at individuals in their 20's, 30's & 40's. YARN is a discussion format, spiritually based meeting for those who feel like they don't always "fit in" in other traditional fellowships.

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One-on-One & Community Services

Our one-on-one and community peer services are designed to support and lift up those trying to overcome addiction of any kind. Through goal setting, accountability reviews, and general life skill guidance, we are able to bring clean and sober living to all seeking to improve their lives. Not only does this benefit the individual and the community; but it creates a stable environment for the family, for generations to come.

Young Adult Recovery Network

The YARN is a program of spirituality. No God, from any faith, ever created anything to suffer. If you cannot understand that there is something bigger (greater than yourself) -- a higher power -- a God that wants good for you, then clean and sober living will be an extremely uphill battle. These meetings are designed to help guide those searching for God, their own Higher Power, to a place of submission and peace. Peace in the belief that regardless of their past, they are loved, They are worthy.

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