Dan and MARCO

Our Approach

The mission of Sex, Drugs, & God, Inc. is to build relationships and bonds of trust with individuals struggling with addiction, giving them hope for recovery, through peer recovery coaching and support.

Our Advantage

A key advantage is that SDG has the only Mobile Addiction Recovery Coaching Office (MARCO) in the region. Our MARCO allows us to carry our much-needed services to those struggling in addiction and/or recovery, who are not able to come to us. This comfortable mobile lounge with air conditioning, heat, coffee machine, refrigerator, and other great amenities, provides those in need, all the comforts of an office in there own neighborhood.

Our Struggle

Our work is funded entirely through donations, community support and the occasional grant. Your support is critical, to help keep our kids, friends and neighbors alive.

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Meet the Team


Dan Obarski

Founder / President

I lived 49 years doing life the way I wanted. My identity, my whole being, was wrapped up in my abilities and desires. There wasn't a situation I couldn't control or a person I couldn't manipulate.

In 2013 my life changed forever when I received a traumatic brain injury from a freak accident that caused me to lose my identity.  After several months of medical care, severe depression, and a to-close-for-comfort suicide attempt, I finally surrendered to God and asked Him to take over my life.

Today, my identity is knowing that God loves me no matter what. Today, as His son, my life is for His glory, and I try every day to make that a reality.


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